Indian Railways to provide 100% LED Lighting on all Stations by March, 2019

NEW DELHI: With the objective to save electricity by replacing conventional light bulbs, the railways has decided to provide 100 per cent LED lighting on its all stations and service buildings by the end of this financial year.

Taking forward the mission of efficient utilisation of energy, the Railways Ministry, which is led by Union Minister Piyush Goyal, has proactively started the work on a mission mode to provide 100 per cent LED lighting not only to cover all its railway stations but also its offices, service buildings, workshops, production units, maintenance depots, etc.

It has also been decided that all residential quarters would be provided with LED fittings as a one-time measure. The move would lead to saving of about 240 million units of electricity resulting in savings of about Rs 180 crore and reducing about 2 lakh tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

Going by the well known saying charity begins at home, the ministry first replaced conventional light fittings of Rail Bhawan, the headquarters of Rail Ministry, with energy efficient LED lighting system in September 2017 by replacing over 5,600 fittings across this administrative building.

The Railways has already provided 100 per cent LED lights at its most of the stations till March 30, 2018 and savings Rs 50 crore per annum through this initiative alone.

According to a senior official, 100 per cent LED lighting across Indian Railways will improve the energy scenario and will reduce energy consumption by about 10 per cent of its non-traction energy consumption.