Institute of Metro Rail Transport launches 1 year PGP in Metro & Rail Technology

Hyderabad (HYB), February 4, 2014: India’s first Post Graduate Programme on Metro & Rail Technology (PGPMRT) for Engineering Graduates, was launched by the Institute of Metro & Rail Technology (IMRT), the first institute in the Metro/Railway sector, to learn the finer nuances of building, maintaining and operating metro & rail systems.

The 1 year PGPMRT course will provide new career opportunities for fresh as well as experienced engineers wanting to make a career in the rapidly growing railway/metro industry. Aimed at engineers who have a good understanding of civil, mechanical, power systems, electrical, electronics, and telecommunication concepts they will be admitted based on their aptitude, attitude and overall academic record. Applicants who have been assessed competitively in exams like GATE or GRE will have an added advantage.

The tuition fee for the programme is INR 780,000 inclusive of taxes, payable in four installments. All admitted students can avail education loans offered by banks tied up with the institute. The institute will also offer scholarship grants and industry fellowships to needy and meritorious students.  To know more and apply please visit:

Through the PGPMRT, IMRT aims to streamline the path to enter this highly specialized industry and also share the vast opportunities available in this sector for an engineer with the right aptitude and attitude. The course has been devised with extensive inputs from the industry. Case ­study based learning, individual & group work, continual assessments and simulations are part of the curriculum.

The program will be conducted under the guidance of top faculty drawn from India and abroad as well as practicing industry experts. The Institute has inked tie-ups with Universities in USA, Australia, and India, International Railway/Metro Consultants, manufacturers, operators and Metro corporations to bring the most updated courseware and knowledge to the students.

Mr V B Gadgil, CEO & MD, L&T Metro Rail Limited, was quoted saying, “There is a huge need for trained professionals with technical knowledge in metro and rail services. I congratulate IMRT for taking an initiative to bridge this gap. Vast opportunities exist that need trained professionals and exiting times with unlimited growth potential lie ahead for the industry and India.”

Highlights of the PGPMRT Course:

  • First course in this domain
  • Opens up a new vista for engineers
  • Exclusive proprietary course material
  • Industry designed training modules
  • Scholarship/bank funding available
  • Huge opportunities for trained personnel

With more than 20 cities in India building a Metro, planned investment in Urban Transit Rail Projects of the order of INR 1 lakh crores and >7500 planned metro km to be laid in the next 15 years, increased coverage of the world’s largest railway system to the length and breadth of India, introduction of newer technologies like hi-speed trains, there is a huge demand for skilled manpower. PGPMRT hopes to make this dream a reality.

“On behalf of IMRT I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this course. The PGPMRT course is the fruition of 2 years of research and analysis. We wanted to have everything in place to provide the best of facilities for the students. IMRT will be known by the students we produce. They will create a positive impact in their work through their learning. IMRT’s associations with metro corporations, the industry, and premium educational institutions will ensure that everything taught is relevant and tuned to international standards,” said Mr. Gyan Prakash, Director General, IMRT.

About IMRT:

The Institute of Metro & Rail Technology, Hyderabad, situated in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh is the first Indian research and training institution in Metro and Rail Technology. IMRT’s objective is to produce the next generation techno managers, capable of making crucial decisions using their skills and understanding of the sector. IMRT aims to be a knowledge leader in this space by designing, developing, and delivering high-impact learning for the rail industry through education and research. IMRT will symbolize the depth and breadth of knowledge a metro and railways professional needs to be able to run a critical aspect of urban transportation and ensure the safety of human life.

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