Integral Coach Factory manufactures train running on CNG DEMU

ICF manufactures train running on CNG, dieselचेन्नई Chennai (MAS): Integral Coach Factory (ICF) general manager Ashok K Agarwal on Tuesday flagged off the first CNG DEMU (compressed natural gas diesel electrical multiple unit) manufactured at the factory here.

The CNG DEMU can run on both CNG and diesel.

The Indian Railways has taken steps to make trains eco-friendly. CNG emits fewer toxic and carcinogenic pollutants and zero particulate matter. It also helps reduce carbon monoxide emissions by 90%, carbon dioxide emissions by 25%, nitrogen oxide emissions by 35% and non-methane hydrocarbon emissions by 50%.

The CNG DEMU power car consists of a driver’s cab, an engine room and a radiator room, like any other DEMU power car. In additional to these, it has a CNG cascade room at the rear end. The CNG cascade contains 40 cylinders, each with a capacity to store 15kg of CNG at 255 bar pressure.