Integral Coach Factory takes a giant leap to increase its Green footprint

PERAMBUR, CHENNAI: ICF being a pioneer coach production unit of Indian Railways, has been taking all efforts to go green by reducing its carbon foot print and ensuring zero discharge from its Factory.  It is pertinent to mention here that 100% of energy consumption of ICF is being generated through green energy sources such as wind mills, solar panels, etc.

At present, the materials movement from the storage wards to the production shops are being moved using diesel operated fork lifts, hand carts and by manually carrying the same.  With a view to stop pollution by way of diesel that is, being used in the fork lifts and also to ease the burden of moving the materials through hand carts or person, ICF has launched E-Carts in its Furnishing Division.  About 14 such battery operated E-Carts, have been now put in service with different carrying capacity such as 900 kg, 650 kg and 350 kg.  In future, this number will be increased depending upon the demands.

These E-Carts will operate on battery and as such there will be zero emission, apart from being noise free. These also will ensure safe and smooth transportation of materials from place to place, since these vehicles have a maximum speed of 15 kmph only.  Earlier the fork lifts were used which were consuming on an average of 20 ltrs. of diesel per day per vehicle.  Hence fuel consumption will also be now saved effectively.