Interview with Suneet Sharma, DRM, Pune

Suneet Sharma, DRM Puneपुणे Pune:  Ever since Suneet Sharma took over as Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) of Pune railway division in August last year, he has been working overtime to improve services for commuters. He shares his plans to improve and enhance the infrastructure of Pune railway division including the stations.

What are your plans to further improve passenger amenities at the station?

We are currently working towards creating awareness about keeping the platforms and trains clean. In the past few months we have been constantly undertaking drives to keep the stations clean and remove all the graffiti from walls. Although we have been successful in maintaining cleanliness at small railway stations, the Pune railway station still remains a challenge on this count. On a daily basis, the footfalls are at least one lakh, keeping it clean is a huge task. Apart from cleanliness drives we are also planning to improve the condition of our waiting rooms and have increased the seating arrangement at the Pune Railway Station. The railway board has also placed orders for escalators for the passengers’ convenience.

How do you plan to tackle the issue of touts for the ticket reservation issue?

To address the tout issue, we are encouraging people to book their tickets online. The working of the IRCTC website was initially slow but it has improved now. And within three months the site will work faster. Also there are plans to install biometric systems near the reservation counters to capture the identity of a person before they book tickets. So the same person will not be allowed to book tickets more than once a day, which will help in keeping a check on the tout issue.

What are your expectations from the upcoming Railway Budget?

We look forward to strengthen the infrastructure by having more lines and more trains. Also, it is important to develop stations and make them more passenger-friendly. Developing dedicated high speed train corridors to popular destinations will also help the passengers to travel faster.