IR signed MoUs with 12 countries on Technical Cooperation in the last 2 years

Railway MOUsNew Delhi: Ministry of Railways have signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs)/Protocols during the last two years for technical cooperation in the rail sector with the following foreign countries or their Railways : (i) Sweden, (ii) France , (iii) Japan, (iv) Russia (v) United Kingdom (vi) Slovak Republic, (vii) Kazakhstan (viii) Canada, (ix) South Korea, (x) China, (xi) Czech Republic and (xii) Germany. The MoUs /Protocols enable technical visits, exchange of technical experts, reports and documents, training programme, feasibility studies/pilot projects etc.

The ongoing cooperation projects through these MoUs/Protocol are as under:-

(i) China:- (a) High Speed Rail feasibility study for Delhi-Nagpur section, (b) Feasibility study for upgradation of Speeds to 160 kmph on Chennai-Bengaluru-Mysore corridor, (c) Training Programme for Indian Railway Officers on Heavy-haul Technology.

(ii) South Korea: – Feasibility Study for speed raising of Delhi-Mumbai route to 200 km/h.

(iii) Japan: – Mumbai- Ahmedabad High Speed Rail Project- Technical and financial assistance

(iv) France: – (a) Technical and Execution Study for upgrading the speed of passenger trains between Delhi-Chandigarh upto 200 kmph (b) renovation/development study of Ludhiana and Ambala railway stations.

(v) Germany: – Feasibility study for High Speed Rail of one route as mutually agreed.