Iran’s Esfahan Steel to produce 100,000 MT of Rail at new mill

Iran’s Esfahan Steel Co will produce 100,000 mt of rail this year for the ministry of roads and urban development, says Esco’s deputy managing director for sales & exports, Ehsan Dashtianeh.

“By the end of the current Iranian year (March 2018), some 40,000 mt of rail will be produced for the Iranian national railways and we are also planning to produce another 40,000 mt of rails which will be supplied to the Construction & Infrastructure Development Company,” Dashtianeh said.

Construction & Infrastructure Development is a state company responsible for repair and renovation of the country’s railways.

“In total some 100,000 mt of rail will is planned to be produced by Esco up to end of the year” Dashtianeh said.

“At the moment, our main priority is supplying of rail to state companies, especially for the development of infrastructures. However, if we do not get an agreement with state companies, Esco will consider other requests from domestic and exporting markets too”, he said.

Last September, Esco launched a 400,000 million mt/year rolling mill with the participation of a German company to produce rail and wide-flange beams but it has not sold any rail to the country’s national railways yet and only some trial products have been produced up to now, according to domestic news reports.