CCTV Surveillance to make Kolkata Metro safer during Puja

KOLKATA: High-tech surveillance cameras from Israel will be a part of the three-tier security ring that the Metro Railway proposes to throw around stations during the Pujas this year. Two more companies of the Railway Protection Special Force (RPSF) will be deployed this year to ensure passenger security. Those using the Metro may have to undergo three rounds of checking.

“Nothing will be left to chance. We don’t want any untoward incident during the Pujas. Special care will be taken to prevent crime against women, but we shall be prepared for all eventualities. Nearly 700 surveillance cameras have already been installed at the stations. These include about 150 old ones that have been refurbished. The remaining are high-resolution ones that were procured from Israel and have night vision and other features. The cameras are already sending feeds to the station managers’ chambers. We are now trying to network them so feeds can be directly sent to the security control room at the headquarters. We expect this connectivity to be completed by the Pujas,” said S.K.Das, Chief Operations Manager, Metro Railway.

The Metro will also get more door-frame metal detectors as well as hand-held ones. Apart from this, portable baggage scanners will also be arriving. This will help security personnel to check bags of commuters on the spot, instead of asking them to move to the large baggage scanners installed at specific points within the station premises. Bomb suppression blankets and baskets are also being procured to protect commuters in case of any terror attack. Four sniffer dogs will be on the job to prevent sabotage.

“For the first time, we are also getting some under-vehicle checking mirrors. These will be used outside stations like Kavi Subhas and Tollygunge where people park their cars and then take the Metro,” Das added.

The Metro plans to run 618 services on the four days this year. There will be 224 services to and from Noapara. Between Saptami and Navami, services will be run from 2 pm to 4 am the next morning. On Dasami, services will run between 4 pm and 9:45 pm, officials said. The frequency of trains between 6 pm and 10 pm on Saptami will be eight minutes. On Ashtami, trains will run at seven minute intervals from 5 pm to midnight.