Itarsi station to get new Route Relay Interlocking system by July 22

Itarsi: Fire that broke out at the Route Relay Interlocking (RRI) at the Itarsi railway junction in Madhya Pradesh on June 17, has affected the services of around 200 trains daily and it would take around 35 days to commission a new panel system. Railway Board Member (Traffic) Ajay Shukla told mediapersons today that the incident is the biggest in the history of Railways. The fire incident has affected the services of trains of the north-south and the east-west routes. He said around hundred points and as many number of signals are operated from the RRI panel of the important junction of Itarsi. The fire has damaged the entire wiring system of the panel. He said that the biggest challenge was restoring the services of the trains at the junction. Some long distance trains route have been diverted. The junction which use to see around 200 trains — both passenger and goods daily — can now handle some 70 mail and passengers trains and around 20 goods train that carry essential commodities. Terming the damage caused to the RRI by fire as extensive, Shukla said the commissioning of a new panel will take around 35 days and by July 22, the new panel is expected to be set up. The panel was set up in 1980 and had already crossed its life of 30 years. Work has been started forsetting up of a new panel at the station. It may be mentioned that a major fire broke out at the Route Relay Interlocking (RRI) at the Itarsi Railway Junction on Wednesday causing massive damage and disrupting rail traffic.