Jaipur Metro: DMRC looking at ways to meet Metro deadline

Under pressure to meet the deadline for the Jaipur Metro rail project, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is trying to find out innovative ways to bridge the time gap.

Sources in the department claimed that the work on laying the tracks from Mansarovar to Chandpole is complete. The testing work, however, has been stalled as the ramp for the rail road vehicle has not been constructed. During a recent review meeting, UDH minster Shanti Dhariwal expressed disappointment at the project pace and directed officials to construct the ramp within seven days.

“It is not possible to construct the ramp within the given period of time. The rail road vehicle will be put on tracks using some innovative techniques,” a source said.

To meet the deadline, the government had earlier pushed the contractors to expedite the civil construction work, which led to sharp reactions from the latter who said it would lead to compromising with the safety standards.

In a recent visit to the project site, senior officials of JMRC (Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation) expressed annoyance over construction of cantilever piers not being undertaken near Gujjar ki Thadi.

The officials were told that the two pillars—number 66 and 67—are falling on crucial points and after the construction of cantilever pier, another 21 days will be required for the concrete to gain strength so as to take the load.

The design for these two pillars has been proof-checked by six different agencies including one Shirish Patel Associates.