Jaipur Metro likely to roll out in August

Jaipur: The people of Jaipur may be able to take Metro rides in their city as early as August this year, as the first lot of four coaches arrived here from Bangalore today.  “After system testing and trial, the train from Mansarovar to Chandpole section under the first phase will be introduced for public in August,” Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation MD Nihal Chand Goel said today.  He said that the process of necessary checks and trial runs will take around one-and-a-half month, after which the train of four coaches will be ready for public.  Ten train sets of four coaches each are to be commissioned and hopefully all the trains will arrive here from Bangalore by October, he said.

jmrcThe coaches, manufactured at Bharat Earth Movers Ltd’s factory in Bangalore, were transported by road on special trailers on April 29.  After the Mansarovar-Chandpole section, the Chandpole •    Badi Chaupar is the next section in the corridor and will be taken up at the second stage.  The total length of the East-West corridor (from Mansarovar to Badi Chaupar) is 12.06 km and the length of the Mansarovar-Chandpole section is 9.5 km.

Coaches for Metro arrive in city

First indigenously designed and manufactured coaches for the Jaipur Metro rolled out by Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML), Bangalore 22 days ago reached Jaipur on Monday afternoon at the Mansarovar casting yard.

The coaches were brought by road after covering a distance of 24,00 kilometres. Officials of the company said, “Throughout the journey the speed of the truck was maintained between 35-40 kilometres per hour. The distance was covered in a day’s time as the truck was massive and possibilities of accident at night were high. The trucks were also escorted by 20 security guards.”

JMRC CMD, NC Goel claimed that this is the first time when coaches for a metro train are being indigenously manufactured. In the past, Metro coaches have been manufactured with foreign collaboration.

The Jaipur Metro in its first phase will procure 10 trains and each train will have four coaches on the 9.5 km route. Goel said, “The next fleet is expected to reach Jaipur by June 20. Similarly, the other rakes will keep coming in 20 days’ duration.” The cost of one coach is Rs 9 crore.

Officials explained, the coach which has the driver cabin has a capacity of 315 passengers, whereas the other coaches have a capacity of 342 passengers. The total capacity of train would be of 1,314 passengers. A coach of this train can carry the passengers of around six buses.

The DMRC official said, “Now the delivery of rolling stock has been received in the stabling yard in Mansarovar, the signaling work will start.”

One rake (line of wagons) of Metro train will be tested at the stabling yard, which is under construction. “These rakes will be coupled (joined) in the stabling yard and it will take at least a month to complete basic testing,” an official said.

The official explained that the rake will undergo several safety tests by technical experts to ensure the system is foolproof.

In case the driver fails to respond to warnings, the system will apply brakes on its own. It will also take into account the speed and position of the train relative to the end of its ‘movement authority’ in issuing warnings and applying brakes.

The system is reliable as the display time is fixed in the control room of different trains. If one train gets delayed, the time in another automatically gets adjusted.

The urban development and housing minister ( UDH) , Shanti Dhariwal will unveil the Metro coaches on Tuesday evening.