Jaipur Metro: More people boarding train from Mansarovar station

Jaipur: After running the Metro for three days, the Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation (JMRC) has witnessed a trend that fewer passengers are boarding from Chandpole station in comparison to Mansarovar station.

Though the ridership received is above expectation, it is recorded that residents staying in the Chandpole area are travelling lesser to Mansarovar and even to nearby areas such as Sindhi Camp.

A JMRC official source said, “There are many reasons for less ridership from this end. Initially, what can be assumed is that the area is very crowded as compared to Mansarovar, so residents are not willing to go to Chandpole to board the Metro. Also, Mansarovar is the largest colony and is connected with many other colonies, so it is more convenient for people to travel from Mansarovar.”

Officials believe that ridership from Chandpole end will increase when Phase I-B, that will connect Chandpole to Badi Chaupar, will be constructed. “We will be receiving a ridership of more than 50,000 at a time in the Walled City area once the entire corridor is constructed,” said the official.

It is learnt that the maximum traffic received is between Sindhi Camp and Railway Station. While a large number of passengers thronged these two stations, poor response was witnessed at other stations such as Ram Nagar, Shyam Nagar, Sodala and Civil Lines. The official said that ridership at Civil Lines was always expected to be low as it is a VIP area. However, it will remain high in the morning as many people go to visit ministers. The official said, “Also, stations such as Civil Lines do not have escalator facilities, which discourages passengers. The station only has elevators, but they cannot accommodate a large number of people.”

Similarly, it would be tedious for passengers travelling from Ram Nagar to Mansarovar. The distance is nearly 4 km. “Climbing up to the station after parking their vehicles is challenging, but after feeder services are operational, it would increase the passenger flow,” added the official.