Jaipur Metro Rail: All you wanted to know in 18 points

The Jaipur Metro, which was flagged by Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje on Wednesday, marks a significant step in making Jaipur a smart city

Jaipur: The Jaipur Metro, which was flagged by Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje on Wednesday, marks a significant step in making Jaipur a smart city.

The Metro Rail, which will also include in the metro rail network club of India after Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata, commenced its regular operations for the general public from 2 p.m. onwards from all of its nine metro stations.

According to Chairman and Managing Director of Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation Nihal Chand Goel, Jaipur Metro Rail Project has been planned keeping in view the urban transport demands of the city for the next many decades.

Planned to provide an affordable and reliable system of public transport, the project intends to spur economic development of the city while preserving its rich heritage and culture. Thus, the launch of Jaipur Metro is a significant step in making Jaipur a smart city.

Here are a few facts about the metro project:

  1. The estimated cost of the Jaipur Metro Rail Project is Rs.2023 crores.
  2. Getting completed in about four years and a quarter, Jaipur Metro Rail Project is one of the fastest project implementations in Metro sector.
  3. With an innovative and participative land acquisition mechanism set up for Jaipur Metro, the land acquisition has been very smooth and most expeditious. The Empowered Settlement Committee set up for the purpose worked out mutually agreed rehabilitation package for each and every project affected person.
  4. Because of speedy land acquisition and project implementation, there have been no cost over runs.
  5. The project is fully funded by the state government and its agencies, namely, Jaipur Development Authority, Rajasthan Housing Board and Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation Ltd.
  6. In terms of planning, Jaipur Metro is set to become a good example of multi-modal integration, as it is also connecting the Railway Station and the Inter-State Bus Terminal; and Metro feeder services are also being launched by JMRC.
  7. Civil structure of Jaipur Metro has many innovative and path breaking features, including a double-decked elevated corridor common for Metro and BRTS. Also, all the Metro stations are supported by a single row of piers to make the overall structure lighter and more open.
  8. As an effort to reduce energy consumption, the procured rolling stock uses regenerative braking system which in turn will lead to 30 percent energy saving.
  9. A rain water harvesting system has been built into the design, whereby entire length of the viaduct will act as catchment for the rain water harvesting structures created under alternate spans to recharge the ground water level.
  10. Provision has been made for free drinking water at all the Metro stations.
  11. Up to 30 percent of Jaipur Metro’s operation and maintenance staff, including train operators and station controllers, are women.
  12. Fares have been fixed in multiples of Rs.5 and a flat discount of Rs.5 has been offered for off-peak hours.
  13. As an introductory offer, for the first six months, off-peak fares will be charged throughout the whole business day.
  14. Automatic Fare Collection system has been installed to collect and manage the fare revenue.
  15. Up to 15 percent discount has been offered on Smart Cards to encourage their usage. These can be recharged using the website of Jaipur Metro or the Ticket Vending Machines installed at all Metro stations.
  16. Two types of Tourist Cards, One-day Tour Card and Three-day Tour Card, have been introduced, which can be used for unlimited number of trips during the day(s) of their validity.
  17. As per the Time Table issued by JMRC for first three months, trains will operate from Mansarovar to Chandpole and from Chandpole to Mansarovar at a frequency of 10 to 15 minutes from 6.45 am to 9 p.m. every day.
  18. The responsibility of security of Jaipur Metro has been entrusted to Rajasthan Police. A total of 789 police personnel have been sanctioned for security and policing of Jaipur Metro. Latest security equipments have been provided at all Metro Stations.