Jaipur Metro work: Chotti, Baddi Chaupar set to closed for traffic

JAIPUR: With the Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation (JMRC) is set to complete the tender process for selecting a company for constructing Jaipur Metro rail (phase -1 B), the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation ( DRMC) is drawing an initial traffic plan to avoid congestion in the area.

The Metro phase – I (B) will pass from Chandpole to Baddi Chaupar (2.789 km) and will be constructed underground in the old Walled City. As per the DMRC plans, the traffic movement near the Chotti Chaupar and Baddi Chaupar is likely to be closed for more than 1 and half years.

An official informed, at Chotti Chaupar underground metro station will be constructed in the area of 260 metre. The vehicles coming from Chotti Chupar will be diverted towards Chaura Rasta via Tripolia Gate. People visiting Hawa Mahal have to go through Ghat Gate area.

Similarly, an underground metro station in the area of 260 metres will be constructed at Baddi Chaupar. All the routes will be closed for vehicular traffic during the construction. An official said, “The traffic pressure in narrow lanes of the city will increased during the construction.”

Under phase-I (B) of the project, an underground tunnel would be dug from Chandpole to Badi Chaupar through the congested areas of the old city. “It was decided that drilling of the tunnel will be started from the Chandpole end. At Chandpole end tunnel, the depth will be 6 metre to 16 metre, while depth of the tunnel will be 10 metre to 20 metre at Baddi Chaupar end,” the official said.