Janghai-Suriyawan Line Doubling: Scores of Passengers get disappointed as several trains‘ cancelled at last moment

MUMBAI / NEW DELHI: It was an unexpected setback for many passengers who had booked their railway tickets four months before as six long-distance trains which ply between North India and Mumbai has been cancelled from May 27 to June 4.

Most of the passengers, who had booked tickets for their native place, came to know that all trains have been cancelled due to ongoing work by Northern railway just a few days before their journey started. According to the information, the trains have been cancelled due to line doubling work being carried between Janghai-Saraiksarai-Suriyawaan on Lucknow division of Northern Railway. Due to this, Northern Railway has decided to cancel many important trains.

“Since it is vacation, we had a family function at our native place due to which we booked 16 tickets so that every one could travel together. But now we have come to know that all trains have been cancelled and they are refunding the amount,” said Subash Chandra, taxi-driver.

He added that since such work wasn’t planned overnight, the railway authorities would have been aware of it and the period earlier and so should have informed all the passengers earlier so that they would have looked for other options.

Another passenger said that they didn’t get a reservation in the North Indian trains as it is the vacation time and peak months due to which they had to stand in line for three to four days for the reservation. He stated that their tickets got confirmed five days before their journey. “The railway authorities should allot confirmed seats, not refund the amount.

After standing in a line for more than five days and if at the last moment they send a notice saying trains will be cancelled, it is very upseting,” said the passenger.