Japan, China firms studied Operation of Bullet Trains in India: Member Electrical

Naveen Tandon MEOoty: Agencies from China and Japan have conducted studies on the scope for operation of bullet trains between Mumbai–Ahmedabad and Chennai–New Delhi, said Navin Tandon, Railway Board Member (Electrical), on Monday.

He was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the two-day long 60th Electrical Standards Committee meeting held at Udhagamandalam that was attended by officials from the 16 zonal railway centres.

In the backdrop of increasing demand for operation of bullet trains, an agency from Japan has studied the scope for operating a bullet train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

These trains required separate tracks for travelling at a speed of 250 kmph and the cost of implementing this project is pegged at Rs. 97,000 crore. Similarly, a China-based agency has studied the scope on the Chennai–New Delhi section. He said that serious steps were being taken to increase speed of current trains and also by going in for high speed trains such as bullet trains.

At present, the fastest train is between New Delhi and Agra, which travels at a speed of 150 kmph, and there is a proposal to increase the speed to 160 kmph.


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