Japan’s Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Co Ltd forays into Indian market

New Delhi, Mar.26: Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Co Ltd, a Japan-based company that is mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of signal systems and electrical equipments forayed into Indian market with a New Wholly Owned Subsidiary, Kyosan India Private Limited.

Capitalized at Rs. 700 million, Kyosan India Private Limited was incorporated on January 7, 2013.

On the occasion of the opening of Kyosan India office in New Delhi on Monday (March 25), the President and COO of Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Co Ltd Tsutomu Tokodai said, “Indian economy is going to grow from now onwards and in this growing economy we see our major role in introducing Indian railway system which is our mainstream and in this way we would like to contribute to the growth of Indian economy.”

However, Kyosan India Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director Shinichi Sugita is confident about Indian railways adopting new safety and modernized equipments, which will opens new vistas for their company.

While speaking to ANI, Sugita said: “We would like to concentrate on moderanization of equipment of the Indian railways and safety is one important aspect which we would like to tackle”.

Many senior officials of the Indian railways who were also present on the occasion have conveyed the thrust of Indian railways as safety and modernization as its utmost priority.

J P Batra, the former chairman of the Indian Railway Board, told ANI, “Signalling technology is very important for safety in train operation. Indian railway today is witnessing about 150-160 accidents every year. It is very imperative we use the technology to help the driver, guard and station staff to ensure that there is safety in train operation and that’s where we need to go for better technology”.

Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Co Ltd operates in two business segments. The Signal System segment is engaged in the manufacture and sale of railroad signal systems and road traffic control systems, including automatic train control (ATC) systems, automatic train stop (ATS) systems, mobile platform fences and steps, among others.

The Electrical Equipment segment is engaged in the manufacture and sale of semiconductor application equipments, such as power supplies for industrial machinery and communications equipment.