Jewellery Suitecase recovered within 15 minutes of getting misplaced

CHENNAI: Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel on Thursday managed to recover a suitcase misplaced by a passenger within 15 minutes of the incident.

The suitcase contained 25 sovereigns of jewellery.

Robin Justin, 46, who had returned after a holiday at his mother-in-law’s place in Nagerkoil, was travelling with a lot of luggage. A resident of Keelkattalai, he decided to get off at Tambaram.

The train, however, stopped at the suburban railway station for only three minutes and began moving before Justin could get his last suitcase out. He immediately informed the RPF personnel there.

They contacted their counterparts at Mambalam station and eight constables were ready for the train when it arrived 15 minutes later. They found a suitcase in the AC coach that fitted the passenger’s description.

Justin was called to Mambalam and the case was returned to him after a check. The jewellery was untouched.