Joint Committee constituted to speed up Mungeli-Dongargarh rail line works

Bilaspur: SECR General Manager Satyendra Kumar has informed the railway zonal parliamentary advisory board that a joint committee has been constituted to speed up work on proposed Mungeli-Dongargarh railway line.

Meeting of the railway zonal parliamentary advisory board was held at SECR zonal headquarters on Friday. Among others member of parliament from Bilaspur, Lakhanlal Sahu and member of parliament from Korba Banshilal Mahto were present in the meeting.

Sahu and Mahto raised a number of questions with regard to railway facilities in their constituencies. Sahu raised questions with regard to progress of proposed Uslapur-Mungeli-Dongargarh railway line. Satyendra Kumar informed that a joint committee of the Centre and state government has been constituted.

The committee will supervise all the works related to survey and construction of the proposed railway line.

Sahu also expressed his displeasure over the delay in completion of railway overbridge in Lalkhadan area in Bilaspur. Railway officials assured Sahu that the said overbridge will be completed by July 2017.

Currently, the residents of Mungeli, Kavardha, Takhatpur, Sakri and other rural areas have to reach first Uslapur. Then they reach Bilaspur railway stations for their further train journeys. This costs both time and money in the process of starting journey to the destinations. The people of these areas have been demanding for long for providing railway route through local public representatives. The demands have been made several times at DRM, GM, Railway Board and Ministry level. Consequently, the Mungeli routes have been surveyed twice so far. Both the times the survey did not reveal proper rate of return in the report. Therefore, the Railway Board did not approve the project earlier.

Keeping in view of the demand for the railway line in the area, Railway ministry had conducted a survey of Mungeli line in 2006-07. The proposal was from Kota via Lormi, Pendra, Kawardha, Khairagarh up to Dongargarh was sent to the Railway Board. Meanwhile, the protest had been erupted as this line would not be benefiting to the people of Mungeli and Takhatpur. Keeping the protest in view, another survey was carried out in 2010-11 which instead of Kota railway station was started from Uslapur via Sakri, Takhatpur, Lormi, Mungeli, Pandaria, Kawardha, Chhui mine, Dandai, Khairagarh up to Dongargarh covering as much as 230 km in distance. The survey report was submitted to the zone headquarters. Later on, the report was forwarded to the Railway Board but it hardly received any consideration.

However, in the railway budget of financial year 2015-16, the railway minister has added the name of Mungeli line in the survey list. Keeping this in view the railway has started the survey for the third time.


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