Jugsalai track death bares Rail gaffes

13JamMishap-1_193750A 30-year-old man died after a speeding train hit him while he was crossing the railway tracks near Dukhu Market in Jugsalai on Tuesday morning.

The deceased, whose identity is yet to be ascertained, was still alive on his way to MGM Medical College and Hospital. However, he was declared brought dead at the hospital.

Precious time was lost after the mishap, which occurred around 11am, as the man with his left hand severed and severe head injuries lay unattended for a good 30 minutes. Finally, some passers-by intercepted an auto and took him to the hospital around 11.30am.

Police, who rushed to the spot soon thereafter, said they were informed about the incident around 11.20am. “We arrived at the spot within 10 minutes. It appears to be an accident case. The victim was crossing the tracks and did not notice the approaching train, which hit him. Had it been a case of suicide, the victim would have been badly maimed,” said sub-inspector of Jugsalai police station Janak Kishore Narayan, who had led the police party to the spot.

Auto-rickshaw driver Mohammed Aslam, who had taken the man to the hospital, said the man could have been saved if he was immediately rushed to hospital. “I was going to Jugsalai via a short route, when some people stopped me. They asked me to take an injured person to hospital. As it was an emergency case, I did not refuse. He was alive. Later, I found out that the man had been lying at the spot for half an hour,” Aslam.

The body has been sent to MGM Medical College’s mortuary for post-mortem.

Accidents are not new on railway tracks along Dukhu Market. Earlier this year, two similar mishaps had taken place. This is because people headed from Jugsalai-Station Road to Jugsalai market area use the tracks as a crossing point. Though there is a level crossing about 200 metres away, very few take the trouble to walk down to it and instead opt for the dangerous short cut.

Senior Divisional Engineer, Chakradharpur Division, Anil Kumar Patel said they were aware of the situation.

“We know that fatal mishaps take place on the tracks near Dukhu Market when people try to cross the line to go to the adjoining Jugsalai market. I will suggest the railway higher-ups to put up barbed wires along the stretch, which will restrict movement of people,” he added.