Kalindee Rail to form CoD to improve its overall management, cost effectiveness

kalindeeगुड़गाँव Gurgaon (GGN):  Kalindee Rail Nirman (Engineers) has received an approval to form a Committee of Directors (CoD) to review certain areas of operations with a view to improve overall management and cost effectiveness of the company, including any possible options for restructuring. The board of directors at its meeting held on May 02, 2014 has approved for the same. The above step is taken with the aim and intent of enhancing shareholders value and improving the overall working culture / environment.

In this regard, the CoD has also been authorized to engage such consultants/advisors as they deem fit and may take such support from any other director/officer/functional heads of the company as they may deem necessary and appropriate. The CoD has also been requested to complete its study and report to the board of directors with its proposal, if any.

Kalindee Rail Nirman popularly known as ‘KALINDEE’ stands as the forerunner in the execution of the major Railway Signaling & Telecommunication projects in India. Dedicated and sincere work has earned it a good reputation. In Railways, KALINDEE is now a trusted name for successful & timely execution of works with highest level of quality with state of the art technology.