Kalupur-Vatva third railway line in Ahmedabad to improve WR’s Operational Efficiency

अहमदाबाद Ahmedabad (ADI): Imagine you board a train in Mumbai, Surat or Vadodara to reach Ahmedabad. After hours of journey, the train enters into the city of Ahmedabad, and you can see the city from train window. You ready your luggage and wait for the train to arrive at the railway station. But suddenly your train stops. And it stops for not just five-ten minutes but for half an hour to hour! There’s total dark on both sides of the train. There’s no platform. Railway station is not far, but not near too. You feel like ‘oh God!kinar pe aake naav atki!’

You speak to your co-passengers why the train is just not moving? Why is it halting here? And experienced travelers would reply that it is halting here because there’s no third track available, and two tracks are already occupied.You are surprised to know about such kind of problem. But that’s fact. Daily thousands of passengers suffer due to lack of availability of platform to park the train or availability of third track!

Thankfully, solution of this problem may arrive this year or next year. The railway department has already completed survey of a new 10 km line connecting Kalupur and Vatva in Ahmedabad. A proposal has been finalized and forwarded to headquarters. If this task gets approval in union railway budget scheduled on 16 February, the work may start in next six months or so. The cost of this proposed 10 km line would be about Rs. 38 crore.