Kejriwal’s Bangalore visit jitters Namma Metro & BMTC Officials

Bangalore (SBC): The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal is in the news again and for all the wrong reasons. Kejriwal, who has been campaigning extensively for his party across the country has been in the news recently not for his unconventional methods of running the government, but for causing inconvenience to the aam aadmi himself.

Be it Gujarat or Mumbai, AAP’s political campaign has left the aam aadmi fuming. While on his four-day tour in Gujarat, not only did Kejriwal try to pull a daring stunt of meeting he Gujarat CM without an appointment but was also criticised as many people were lathi chagred at his rally in Ahmedabad due to stone pelting. And it does not end here. When Kejriwal visited Mumbai on Wednesday, Mar 12, he held a road show, where he travelled by autorickshaw This again was a clear violation of law as more than three people were riding the same autorickshaw, again causing traffic problems, and before that he travelled by Mumbai Local in which the stations in Mumbai witnessed chaotic situation.

Next in line is the Silicon Valley of India, where he is expected to dine with people who will be dishing out Rs.20,000 for the fund raiser. Kejriwal will be in Bangalore on Mar 15 and 16. The fund raiser dinner will have people pay Rs.20,000 per head. Kejriwal is also expected to hold a road show in the city on the same day. Though details of his road show are still not clear, we hope it is not a similar situation like Mumbai. Kejriwal, who has a reputation of travelling like a common man at the cost of the common man’s inconvenience, is best suited if he avoided the public transport like the BMTC and the Bangalore Metro. Considering that the city’s Metro structure is relatively new and cannot bear the brunt of the over-enthusiastic AAP supporters, it would be best if the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd and the BMTC officials could request Kejriwal not to travel by the Metro and the buses respectively.