Kerala Floods – Helping Hand of Railways in providing Drinking Water

CHENNAI: Southern Railway has dispatched one water special—7 BRN wagons with syntax tank from Erode Jn station at 16.00 hrs. This water special bound to Trivandrum will runs via  Dindigul Madurai Tirunelveli .

 7 BRN Wagons with 2.8 lakhs litters is moved from Chengalpattu.

BRN Wagons with drinking water loaded in syntex tanks moved from Erode Jn to Trivandrum

15 BRN flat wagons also being moved with Syntax water tanks with loading decanting facility to Erode from Tondiarpet, Chennai area.   At Erode, arrangement will be made for emergency movement of drinking water by this train to Kerala.

 Loading of 10,000 c/boxes of water bottles (1,00,000) Parasala plant under progress,to be despatched to Govt of Kerala as per instructions of  Additional Chief Secretary/Kerala.

15,000 c/boxes with water bottles are being despatched from Palur Plant, Tamilnadu.. Out of this 660 boxes loaded by 22637-West Coast Express on 17.08.18 and another 660 c/boxes of water bottles loaded by 12695 Express  on 17.08.18 Senior Divisional Commercial Manager Palakkad is advised to coordinate further despatch to people affected by flood in Kerala as per the  direction of State Government officials.