Kochi metro to have ecofriendly fire extinguishing system

Kochi:  The Kochi Metro Rail is certainly not the first Metro project in the country but it will soon be the first in the country to have an ecofriendly fire extinguishing system.

The Fire and Rescue Service Department, during a discussion with Kerala Metro Rail Project (KMRL) officials, suggested the use of an eco-friendly fire extinguishing system like the ones used in aircraft.

The authorities concerned have given the nod. According to Joe Ishow Kuruvilla, Division Officer, Fire and Rescue Service Department, it was agreed upon during the discussions to install a fire suppression system in which chemicals made of Trifluoroiodemethane would be used.

Trifluoroiodemethane (CF3I) is more eco-friendly and effective than the Halon 1301 (CF2Br)-based fire suppression system employed by other Metro Rail projects.

It may be a little more expensive though. Trifluoroiodemethane is a gas-based system.

Currently, some of the luxury hotels and well known business establishments use the system,” he said.

The Fire and Rescue Service Department official said an alarm-based fire system would be installed on the train and stations of the Metro.

“In case of a fire, an alarm would ring. A specific time would be set for evacuating the passengers from the train or station.

After the specified time, the doors would close automatically and Trifluoroiodemethane based system would start extinguishing the fire,” an official said.

The use of Halon-based fire system is being discouraged due to its high ozone depletion potential. “Trifluoroiodemethane is increasingly being used in aircraft considering its eco-friendly nature.

Most of the European and American countries have stopped using the Halon-based system while India and some Asian countries are still resorting to it.

Similar to Trifluoroiodemethane, Novec 1230 Novec 1230, (C6F12O) which are also eco-friendly are used for fire fighting,” an official said.