Kolhapur Railway Station awaits revamp to boost Tourism

KOLHAPUR: In a move to promote regional tourism and encourage people to travel to Kolhapur by train, the railway authorities have decided to revamp the Kolhapur railway station.

The decision was taken in a meeting conducted at Railway station in Kolhapur on Wednesday.

The meeting was attended by various organisations including hotel owners association, businessmen, tour operators and residents along with the railway officers.

The meeting was organised against the backdrop of ‘Paryatan Parva’ celebrations started by the central government in the first week of October.

Various issues regarding growth of tourism in the region were discussed in the meeting.

Addressing the gathering, H N Dass, assistant divisional commercial manager (DCM), Pune said, “To increase the flow of tourists to Kolhapur through railway, various steps are required which must be done systematically. First, we must provide a customer-friendly railway station.”

Dass further said, “It is the responsibility of every section and department of railways as well as other organisations to provide good service to the travellers that alight on Kolhapur’s platform. The good image of Kolhapur will be helpful to boost the tourism in the region and increase number of people travelling by train to Kolhapur.”

Kolhapur railway station is needs to be developed as a destination for tourists, official in the meeting said. “The railway administration will do its best to take up works like beautification of the station, initiation of painting work and installation of posters related to tourism in the station premises,” Dass said.

“For other major infrastructural developmental works we will put forward the demands to higher authorities and the work will be initiated after funds are sanctioned for the same,” he said.

“We request all the organisations related to tourism industry to take initiative and prepare proposals regarding the development of the Kolhapur railway station. The proposal will be sent to the higher authorities,” he added.

The Kolhapur region is famous across the country for its various tourist attractions.