Kolkata Metro installs ‘Isreali make’ special CCTV camaras for Surveillance during Durga Puja

Kolkata:  Additional to the two battalion of Railway Protection Special Force (RPSF), CCTV Cameras from Isreal are expected to make Kolkata Metro safer during this Durga puja season.  Under the new security measures, the metro-passengers will have to undergo three rounds of checking, making journeys on metros a slightly tight or tough task.

Around 700 CCTV cameras have been installed across the top metro stations. The number includes 150 old ones which have been repaired recently.

Commenting on the strict security measures taken, Kolkata Metro Authority COO S K Das said that nothing will be taken for chance.

The metro authority Kolkata is now looking for options to network them in a way that from the security control room itself direct-feeds can be taken.

Door frame metal detectors along with handled detectors also will be used for scanning the bags of the metro-commuters on the spot, without making them wait longer.

Kolkata metro authority also plans to avail other security features like bomb suppression blankets and baskets. Four sniffer dogs also will be appointed at the metro stations round the clock giving no chance for any sorts of attack.

The four day Puja is one of the major festivals in Kolkata. As crowds from across the country and from globe flow to the town for this festival, the Kolkata metro authority also plans to run special metros on these four days.