Konkan Railway switches to LED in all its 91 Tunnels

Ratnagiri (RN): Contributing on a mega scale to energy conservation and environment preservation through its daily operations, Konkan Railway has now changed all the light fittings in its 91 tunnels to LEDs, thus reducing the Carbon foot-print considerably. Konkan railway has also taken to plantation in a big way on an annual basis along its entire route which has given it the unique identification of “Garden Railway”.

The LEDs installed in all the tunnels are 24W which consume one-third the energy consumed by 70W HPSV bulbs but gives double the illumination. It has not only conserved energy but also increased safety levels inside tunnels, given the fact that 84 kms of KR route stretch is covered with tunnels. Konkan Railway has also provided energy saver equipments in all its tunnels which controls current voltage so that the current drawn is less.

Apart from this, small initiatives like phasing out of all incandescent bulbs from the railway premises and replacing with more energy efficient T5 fittings, change of resistance-type fan regulators used in KR to electronic ones etc, are reaping benefits to KRCL and environment at large. KR has switched over to Green Energy with installation of solar plants at Ratnagiri and Karmali stations, installing solar geysers at all its Running Rooms and rest houses.

As many as 53,699 saplings of various types of plants were planted in last one year by KR along its route and 28,000 are planned to be planted during the oncoming monsoon. KR has taken to planting an average of 30,000 saplings per year on its route which is giving a Green Railway look to KR route that is held in awe by Nature lovers. A specific type of Vetiveri grass was also planted on the route to hold the soil together.

Konkan Railway’s Roll-on Roll-off service, which carries loaded goods truck on railway wagons, saving precious fossil fuel, is already proved to be a successful innovation.