Konkan Railways to install water ATMs in all stations

MUMBAI: Konkan Railway Corporation Limited (KRCL) to install water ATMs (water vending machines) in all railway stations in its network.

The KRCL has awarded the contract to JanaJal, a Delhi based water-services company, to install 61 water vending machines in 59 railway stations of Konkan Railway network covering Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra.

“JanaJal will install 61 water vending machines in Konkan railway network and it is expected to serve 7.5 million commuters daily besides catering to local communities residing in the area,” Parag Agarwal, CMD of JanaJal said.

“Installation of the entire cluster of 61 water ATMs will be completed over a period of five months. JanaJal will use alternate superior technologies for water treatment that will minimise the wastage of water to less than 5 %,” he said in a statement.

“The daily consumption covering all the railway stations is expected to reach approximately 1 lakh litres in due course and will help eliminate as many as single-use plastic bottles from the environment”, he said.

JanaJal till date has similar projects in Maharashtra through 101 installations with Central Railways, Western Railways and Harbour Line, besides nearly 100 installed water ATMs at various Police Stations in Mumbai, the company said.