Kumar Keshav posted as New Managing Director of Lucknow Metro Rail Corp

kumar-keshavIts official Kumar Keshav is the new Managing Director of Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation. LMRC (Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation).

Outgoing LMRC Managing Director Rajeev Aggarwal confirmed that the orders had been issued on Tuesday.

Talking to media, Mr.Aggarwal said, “The Chief Secretary has issued orders for the new incumbent for the post Kumar Keshav. A letter has only to be issued which is a mere formality” said Aggarwal.
Kumar Keshav is currently working in Australia on a rail project with a private company which he has been associated for the past two years.

He has worked as the Chief Engineer, Executive Director and Director at the DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation). He is a graduate from the Roorkee Engineering College.

Sources while talking to media said “He has entered railways through the railway engineering services. He has also served at the RDSO Lucknow. He has worked with the DMRC for more than five to six years as the Chief Engineer, Executive Director and Director at the DMRC”.
It may be stated that the interviews for the post of the LMRC were held on July 23 by a panel that included the Chief Secretary Alok Ranjan, Metro Man E Sreedharan and the Chairmen Railway Board Arunendra Kumar.

The LMRC Board of Directors forwarded the recommendations and the minutes of the meeting to the Chief Minister on July 28. There were fifteen applicants for the post. After the selection of the Managing Director LMRC there will be appointments to the post of Director Rolling Stock and System and Director Works and Infrastructure and the Director Finance.

The advertisement for the post of the Managing Director had been floated in May this year. This move had been made to select a technocrat instead of a bureaucrat for the job. The current post is
being held by Rajeev Aggarwal.