Lack of Evidence force CBI to close probe into irregularities in Railways

New Delhi: Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had last year filed several preliminary inquiries related to postings/transfers and contracts related to work in railway board and RPF as it was suspected that there were large scale irregularities in the railways. However, after months of investigations, the agency has not found any evidence and the preliminary inquiries might be closed, said highly placed sources.

While investigating the jobs for sale scandal involving former minister for railways Pawan Bansal’s nephew Vijay Singla last year, agency had learnt that there was a nexus between officials of RPF Officers’ Association and private persons in the transfers and promotions and officials paid money to get posts. It was alleged that lot of private contractors and businessmen were always seen in railways, even when they are not having any contract there and that illegal contracts were being given.

It was also alleged that the appointments in these associations were not happening on the basis of merits but by paying bribe to senior railway babus or executives.

One of the preliminary inquiries was registered to probe former minister Pawan Bansal’s private secretary Rahul Bhandari allegedly infringing in the transfer and posting matters of the railway ministry apparently for monetary gains.

Agency had even grilled Bhandari, a 1997 batch IAS officer, in this regard.

CBI sources said they did not find much evidence so far and call on the fate of investigations would be taken soon by the investigation team. The senior officials hinted that if nothing is found, the inquiries could be closed.