Lack of teamwork caused Friday’s Central Railway disruptions

MUMBAI: Lack of coordination between various agencies of Central Railway led to disruption in services on May 24 after pantographs of several trains grazed against a wall in the Parsik tunnel.

An official from CR’s Mumbai division claimed that eight rakes had to be withdrawn on May 24 after 25 pantographs were damaged. He claimed that electrical department technicians had not considered the Maximum Moving Dimension of the train while raising the height of the Over Head Equipment (OHE) traction, which resulted in the electrical multiple unit rake’s pantograph brushing against the wall of the tunnel, leading to disruption in services.

“We had raised the OHE height from 4.69m to 4.77m from the rail level. At some points, the OHE height from the rail level was only 4.44m. The electrical department had been requesting the division to lower the height of the track to ensure proper movement after increasing the OHE wire height from the rail level. As those responsible did not lower the track level, the electrical department decided to raise the OHE level for safety reasons after conversion of traction from AC to DC,” he said.

An electrical department official conceded that primary fault rests with them but said the division should also have deployed someone to supervise the work. “Lack of teamwork resulted in cancellation of 50 services on May 24,” Moreover, some plaster had also been applied inside the tunnel, contributing to the problem,”he said.