Land acquisition soon for Rail line connecting 3 districts to Bengaluru

The line connects Davangere, Chitradurga and Tumakuru with the State capital. Land acquisition soon for rail line connecting 3 districts to Bengaluru

railway track Land AcquisitionBengaluru: With the State Cabinet giving its approval for a direct line connecting Davangere, Chitradurga, and Tumakuru with the State capital, Bengaluru, the land acquisition for the long-pending project is likely to be initiated soon.

According to sources, the deputy commissioners of the three districts have been asked to start the project. The process of appointment of a land acquisition officer has also been initiated.

The State Cabinet approval for the project came recently after the Union government warned that it might have to shelve it if there was a further delay in land acquisition. A message was reportedly conveyed to the State authorities at a meeting on May 25.

The project has been a long-pending demand of the people of the region as it reduces the distance between these districts to the State capital. At present, the rail route distance between Davangere and Bengaluru is 326 km if you take the circuitous route via Tumakuru, Arsikere and Birur. The proposed new rail line via Bharamsagar, Chitradurga and Sira will be just 265 km.

The rail route distance between Chitradurga and Bengaluru is 312 km via Birur and Chikjajur and it will come down to 205 km. The total land required for the project is 2,961 acres.

Although the project was announced in 2011-12 on a cost-sharing basis, things had not moved further reportedly owing to the State’s reluctance to share the cost.

“We have made preparations to start the work and are waiting for the appointment of special land acquisition officer and a formal direction,” Deputy Commissioner Srirangaiah told.

President of the District Railway Horata Samithi, Kondandaramaiah, said the project would help save time and money of passengers and bring more revenue to the Railways.

Long-pending project:

  • Land required for the project is 2961 acres

  • Project to be implemented through cost sharing

  • Distance between Davangere, Bengaluru will come down by 61 km

  • Distance between Chitradurga and Bengaluru will come down to 205 km

  • Land acquisition to begin soon


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