Land Survey for Rail Steel Coach Factory begins at Yadgir

Yadgir (YG): The district administration has begun a survey to identify land for the proposed rail coach factory, likely to be located in the Gurmitkal Assembly Constituency of Yadgir district. The estimated cost of the project is Rs.750 crore.

Oral instructions

Deputy Commissioner F.R. Jamadar said the administration was yet to get an official communication from the State government to start the land acquisition for the factory for which Rs.75 crore had been earmarked in the Railway Supplementary Budget approved during the winter session of Parliament.

“The process of identifying the land has begun, based on the oral instructions from the Railway Ministry,” he said.

The Railway Ministry, while sanctioning the project, had insisted that the land and other infrastructure should be provided for free to them and the cost would be borne by the Railways.

Major step

Bhaskar Rao Mudbul, a lawyer, said the factory was a major step forward in developing this backward district. It was the second biggest project in the district after the textile park, which had been sanctioned by the State government at Kadechur.