Larsen and Toubro accepts Metro Rail alignment: Metro Project to be realigned

हैदराबाद Hyderabad:  Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Sunday said that the Hyderabad Metro Rail alignment was being changed to protect Sultan Bazaar, Moazzamjahi market and the Telangana martyrs’ memorial.

He said that the government had already conveyed its decision to L&T.  L&T has requested to alter the Metro Rail route by the Telangana government.

“We have suggested that the Metro route should be diverted towards Kacheguda at Narayanguda to avoid Sultan Bazaar. Besides, we are looking at diverting the Metro to behind the Assembly building to avoid the Telangana martyrs’ memorial. Also, realigning the Moazzamjahi market route is being worked out,” Chief Minister Mr K. Chandrasekhar Rao said.

He added that he had had detailed discussions with HMR and L&T officials over realigning the route and they were convinced with the alternatives proposed by the government.

However, the government has softened it’s earlier stand on taking the Metro underground at these localities and has instead pitched for realignment after builder L&T cited huge financial repercussion that would make the project unviable.

Mr Rao blamed the previous government for entering into an agreement with L&T without addressing Sultan Bazaar and other contentious issues. “When I proposed the alternate routes they were convinced. They said that the then government had not brought these issues to their notice, else they would have planned accordingly,” Mr Rao said.