Letter warns of terror attacks in Ambala, city on high alert

A ‘threat letter’ intimating terrorist attacks at the Ambala cantonment railway station and other public places in Ambala and adjoining areas, purportedly written by terrorist organisation operatives sent the Haryana Police in a state of panic on Saturday night. Taking no chance, the state police put the city on high alert and launched an intensive search campaign.

According to police officials, the four-paragraph letter was received by the Government Railway Police (GRP), Ambala, in routine post. “The letter carries signatures of terrorist organisations, including the Indian Mujahideen and Babbar Khalsa International (Hawara and Rajoana group). Written in Hindi, the sender claims to be a member of a terrorist organisation and has threatened that the Ambala cantonment railway station will be blown off on March 18.

“Be ready for a blast at the Ambala Cantonment railway station on March 18. We shall also carry a series of blasts at public places. The Superintendent of Police (Railways) shall also face dire consequences,” the letter read.

The Haryana Police has registered a case against unidentified people at the GRP police station and initiated investigations. “We are not sure about who sent that letter. But, we have taken adequate security measures and the railway police is investigating the matter,” said Ashwin Shenvi, Ambala DCP.

According to the police, the contents of the letter have been shared with the National Investigation Agency and Intelligence Bureau.