Limited Height Subway installed at Panthulupeta Railway Gate in record time of 5 Hours

File Pic: A Limited Height Subway installed under the track on the Kotabommali – Tilaru Section by Waltair Division earlier

VISAKHAPATNAM: A limited height subway (LHS) was successfully installed in a record time of five hours at Rammurthipanthulupeta railway gate in Kancharapalem in the early hours of Wednesday. The Waltair Division of East Coast Railway has spent Rs 40 lakh on the LHS. Local residents have been demanding for a subway at the gate for long time.

It was the first LHS in the division for the financial year of 2017-18 by Waltair division of East Coast Railway (ECoR), which will install a total of 12 LHSs by May 15 this year.

Earlier, the Division created a record by installing an LHS in 4 hours and 10 minutes flat between Kotabommali and Tilaru on the Chennai-Howrah railway line in the previous fiscal.

Confirming this, a senior railway official said: “We will take up the LHS work as part of the safety works of the railways. Nearly 300 workers were deployed and giant mechanisms are used to complete the task within short period. The work began late on Tuesday night and completed in the early hours of Wednesday,” the officer added.

A traffic block of nearly five hours on both up and down lines simultaneously was done on Tuesday night hours to facilitate insertion of segmental boxes by ‘cut and cover’ method.

A total of 300 workers, two 300 tonne cranes, two 360 tonne excavators and two 200 tonne excavators accomplished the mission for the work, the officer said, while adding that no major train services were affected as there were no major number of trains moving on the track, which is close to Visakhapatnam Railway station and falling under Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC).

The gate was prone to the road accidents and they selected it as one of its dangerous railway track points in the division, the officer said.