LSI Financial Services to study impact of NHSRCL’s HSR on industrial assets in Gujarat

NEW DELHI/AHMEDABAD: The National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL), which is implementing the country’s first ever high speed rail project connecting Mumbai to Ahmedabad has selected an independent consultancy, LSI Financial Services to conduct a study for Impact Assessment on various industrial assets due to the high speed rail alignment in Gujarat.

For this purpose, NHSRCL had floated a tender on the Central Public Procurement Portal and the assignment was finally awarded to LSI Financial Services among other participants, after technical and financial due diligence.

“Our work involves impact assessment of various industries in the way of the alignment. We will have to analyse the hit that the industries are likely to take and then monetise it. Based on a consensual approach between NHSRCL and the industry, we will submit a final report to the NHSRCL,” an official of LSI Financial Services said.

NHSRCL has been modelled as a ‘Special Purpose Vehicle’ in the joint sector, with equity participation from the Railways and the state governments of Gujarat and Maharashtra.It has invited various tenders for design and construction of seperate parts of the high speed rail project including tunnels, elevated stations, depots, etc., covering 348 km or roughly around 69% of the 508-km project which is likely to be launched in 2023.

While the total land required for the project is 1165 hectares, more than 66% of the land has been acquired. One of the challenges in land acquistion is that there are various industries that set up on the land required. Based on the study being conducted by LSI Financial Services, NHSRCL will acquire the balance land.