Lucknow Metro approach MUD for early approval of project by Public Investment Board

Lucknow (LKO): The Lucknow Metro authorities approach Union Ministry of Urban Development, to request Ministry of Finance to extend PIB (Public Investment Board)’s approval to the project. PIB’s meeting in August last year had raised some queries related to security and cost of project. LMRC has sent its replies to the MoUD.

Daljeet Singh, Director (Works and Infrastructure), Lucknow Metro Rail Corp said, “We will be meeting with officials of MoUD so that our replies can soon be forwarded to the Ministry of Finance for PIB’s approval. As the project is progressing, our requirement of funds is also increasing, hence we need support from the Centre.” The project’s cost has to be borne by the Centre, state government and international financing agencies.

LMRC said it would begin placing peer caps on top of metro pillars from the first week of April. The peer caps are being pre-cast at metro’s yard near Amausi. From April-end, large U-girders (the iron base of cemented metro track) will be laid on the peer caps. Officials said construction of peers (pillars), placement of peer caps and u-girders will be a simultaneous process that would extend till June next year.

Railway officer A K Rastogi has been hired as the new Director (Finance) in LMRC. Currently, LMRC is busy in land acquisition formalities to make way for metro’s civil construction. The corporation has been facing issues related to acquiring government land for the project. AAI has still not responded to LMRC’s request to offer 6 hectare of land near Amausi free of cost for establishing project’s casting yard. Besides, some land from technical education department of state government, LDA and Northern Railways also needs to be acquired for which LMRC has still got approval.

Officials fear that the delay in land acquisition will retard the speed of construction, hence in meeting deadline. With regards to diversion of utilities coming in the way of metro corridor, LMRC maintained it has already received approval from most agencies except for BSNL. Officials said, “We will try our level best to give Lucknow a world class metro despite all odds and ensure that trains run timely.”