Lucknow Metro Board approves Rates for purchase of private land coming under metro project

Lucknow (LKO): The Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) Board has approved the land rates recommended by the committee for purchase of private lands on mutual negotiation basis coming under the metro project. The committee was earlier formed to decide on land rates for buying land for metro project.

Government had earlier asked LMRC to purchase private lands on mutual negotiation basis. LMRC said around 3 hectares of private land have to be purchased for metro project, out of which a majority (about 2.7 hectares) belongs to self-styled Godman, Asharam Bapu’s Ashram near the depot in Amausi. It said with board approving the rates, the land purchase process will speed up.

Also, the board chaired by the chief secretary approved engagement of French design firm, Systra to design the underground stations of Hussainganj, Sachivalaya and Hazratganj. LMRC said that Systra was already serving as DDC of elevated track (about 19 kms) of North-South corridor. “We have chosen one firm as the DDC for entire project so that there are no problems in the coordination during construction of both- elevated and underground corridors”, said an LMRC official.

Systra which was in charge of designing Lucknow’s elevated metro track has been now also appointed as the detailed design consultant (DDC) of the underground metro corridor too. The construction of underground metro (3.5 kms) from Charbagh to Hazratganj would begin in December, 2015.

LMRC Board LMRC said since the project has to be completed in a tight time schedule, it would be better to extend the contract of the existing DDC. His work would be to design civil, electrical and mechanical structures of the stations, corridor along the track. Following the Companies Act 2013, the board approved constitution of Investment and Audit committee of LMRC too.