Lucknow Metro commissions Automatic Train Washing Plant to clean Metro Coaches

LUCKNOW: Lucknow Metro has successfully commissioned the ‘Automatic Train Washing Plant’ on April 28 that has been built at the Transport Nagar metro depot. Through this facility, the metro trains entering or exiting the depot can be cleaned automatically at the ramp using remote control from the Operation Control Centre located inside the depot.

The washing plant has rotating plastic brush to clean the side wall of train. The trains are first wet using recycled water and are then scrubbed automatically by the rotating brushes with soap water and are subsequently cleaned by raw water and finally rinsed with RO water. Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) officials said, “After wet cleaning of the train, air blowers are provided to dry the train surfaces.”

LMRC said that cleaning of trains is planned in such a manner that the trains can be washed once in three days. “The plant operation starts automatically by sensing the train speed. The minimum washing capacity of plant is 25 numbers of trains per day which can be increased based on future requirements”, said a metro official.

The plant is equipped with air blower facility also to clean the dust of underframe area of train. To maintain the quality of train surface, the hardness of water is removed prior to washing and soft RO water is used for washing. To avoid excessive use of water, it is recycled for reuse. Officials said that the trains are moved at a slow speed of 3-5 kmph to ensure proper cleaning. “Special wash mode is provided in train to maintain the requisite speed of train also to ensure proper cleaning”, they added.