Lucknow Metro gets Maximum Speed Certificate of 90 Kmph

LUCKNOW: Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) achieved significant milestone by getting the speed certificate from RDSO after going through the detailed design of Lucknow Metro train on February 14. With this speed certificate metro can conduct the trial of trains at maximum designed speed of 90 kmph on the priority section on Kanpur Road.

LMRC managing director, Kumar Keshav has assured earlier that he would try to get speed certificate from RDSO in early February to be able to run commercial operation of train by March 26, 2017. His team followed the orders and achieved certificate from RDSO within deadline.

In continuation with the ongoing trials, metro train on February 14 ran in the morning at 11:30 am at a higher speed of 60 kmph from Transport Nagar to Mawaiya metro station. The train had run all the day with all safety parameters being successfully evaluated and achieved during this high speed trial, said LMRC officials.

LMRC said that few of prerequisite tests of train have already been completed at test-track and ramp within depot. “All efforts are being made by LMRC to complete the testing and commissioning of trains within the time-frame”, said officials. The state government has instructed LMRC to begin commercial operation of metro from March 26, 2017.

A metro train goes through different types of testing before beginning its actual passengers’ operations. It would also have to go through load tests where artificial loads equivalent to crush loading of 8 passengers per square meters would be put on train. To achieve this, huge number of sand bags would be used in the train.

LMRC said that European experts are continuously monitoring the systems and trains and ensuring best technical support to the metro’s technical team. “LMRC is taking all initiative to ensure that the metro train is ready for public operation by the end of the March, 2017”, it added.