Lucknow Metro unveils Designs of Metro Stations

लखनऊ Lucknow (LKO): Residents of city will soon have some more hangout zones. At all metro stations being planned on Kanpur Road, Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) would create ample property development (PD) areas which would be rented out to shops, cafeterias, restaurants, ATM centres, book stores etc to keep the public engaged.

The metro stations will be three storeyed- ground level, mid-level also known as Concourse level and the topmost platform level. The PD areas will be developed on concourse level which is expected to be the busiest floor of a station. Provision of ticket counters, ticket vending machines, automatic fare collection (AFC) gates, public amenities like toilets, lifts would all be present at the mid-level.

French company Systra has submitted layout plan and architectural design of seven metro stations namely Transport Nagar, Krishna Nagar, Singaar Nagar, Alambagh, Alambagh Bus Station Mawaiya and Durgapuri to LMRC. The designs were approved by the chief secretary on Monday. LMRC MD Kumar Keshav said, “Leaving out Charbagh station, designs of all other seven metro stations on priority section have been finalized. The concept planning is more or less same barring a few alterations in a few stations depending on land availability.”

He said the designs are made such that minimum land is required so as to cause least inconvenience to locals. Most part of the station will be elevated on main road and only entry and exit points need some acquisition of land near the road. Keshav said, “Our prime target was to engage minimum land of both government and private to build stations so as to reduce the project’s cost.”

The ground floor will have provision of staircase, escalators and lifts on each side of the road to ascend to concourse level. Concourse level will have ticket counters, automatic ticket vending machines, security check, service area (auxiliary substation for power supply) and fare collection gates beside provision of a few shops and eating joints. A station premise is divided into paid and unpaid area for public movement.

People can use the unpaid area of station as foot-over bridge (FOB) to cross Kanpur Road at various locations. They can climb up from ground to mid floor to cross the station without paying for metro ticket. But if they need to use metro, they would have to buy tickets first to enter the paid (restricted) area. LMRC is trying to provide a public toilet at each station preferably inside the paid premises.

Daljeet Singh, director- works and infrastructure, LMRC said, “Unlike Delhi, toilets will be provided inside the paid area only for people using metro. Other modification is that we have considerably reduced the service area (for power supply) to provide maximum area for public movement at mid-level.”

LMRC will be launching three modes of ticketing— 5-6 counters for vending tokens, automatic ticket vending machines, and smart cards. Keshav said, “The idea is to gradually shift towards usage of smart cards for metro. This can be recharged at metro counters or even at ticket vending machines. We will also devise a system where smart cards can be easily recharged online at home.”

He added that design of Charbagh Station is taking time since it needs more brainstorming as it will act as junction point for both North-South and East-West metro corridors. The station will have an underground structure too for arrival of E-W corridor trains. LMRC has floated tender for 80 cars which will form 20 trains to move on N-S corridor.