Lucknow Residents blame Railways of encroaching LDA land

Lucknow लखनऊ (LKO): Northern Railway’s decision to build a boundary wall in the fully developed Lucknow Development Authority colony of Vineet Khand-5, Gomtinagar has left around 50 families in jeopardy as their properties come within the wall’s ambit. They bought plots from LDA years ago and some even built houses.

After inhabiting the area for almost 13 years, locals found their plots occupied by Northern Railways. Since the area is close to railway land, there has been a decade-old disagreement between railways and LDA on land-sharing. The matter once again came to the fore this week when residents found a railway contractor digging their plots on the main Nagar Nigam road and blocking entry to the park of the area.

Railways want to build a memu-train shed, hence digging land to erect boundary wall around it. Allotees of the plot complain the contractor has ruined most underground infrastructures of the colony during land cutting. The locals said LDA and railways had already done a demarcation survey jointly in 2003 and had installed division poles on the land.

LDA developed facilities like sewerage, drainage, water supply and electricity infrastructure in the colony by 2002 and allotted it to owners a year later. The colony was transferred to Municipal Corporation in 2008. The sudden land cutting led to huge public resentment forcing the contractor to leave the spot. On Sunday, all affected families gathered on the disputed land to oppose construction and plan future course.

Property owner Ajay Shrivastav said “we have complained to LDA and LMC several times and both agencies have written strong letters to railway authorities for restoration of the road and for action against the railway contractor. After repeated reminders, railway authorities finally turned up on Saturday and agreed to conduct a joint survey again for demarcating the land.”

Meanwhile, railways’ action has caused resentment among allottees who say they expected clear ownership of land when buying it from LDA. They are now demanding that LDA must set up a boundary wall demarcating its land, to check any future attempt by the railways. LDA had acquired this land from Husedia village farmers to develop the colony in late 1990s.

LDA’s stand

LDA has not only allotted plots but also constructed roads, parks, laid down sewer and electricity lines years ago. Railways had then not expressed any objection. Their attempt to react after such a long time and claim the LDA land is unfair.

Railway’s stand

A railway land will always remain railway’s, irrespective of when we want to build a facility there. As per revenue records, map shows the land belongs to us. We want to build memu-train shed for maintenance. It is LDA’s mistake to allott them plots in our land knowingly. Earlier, during demarcation survey of 2003 too, LDA had made such folly for which it had ended up cancelling around 40 odd plots.