Maddur Farmers stage protest, demand compensation for land

Shivapur (SPV): A group of farmers in Shivapura in Maddur staged a demonstration on Saturday, demanding compensation for land given for the Bangalore-Mysore Railway track doubling project.

They urged the Mandya district administration and the Railway Department to immediately issue compensation to farmers who lost their land for the project.

The farmers said the Mandya district administration had acquired several acres of fertile land for the track doubling project.

However, even after several years, the authorities have not paid compensation to the farmers. The authorities should release the compensation as well as interest on the amount, they said.

The farmers demanded compensation based on the prevailing market value.

Construction work on the project was stopped for a while following the protest. The farmers threatened to completely stop the ongoing track doubling work if the authorities failed to issue compensation.

Farmers say they will stop rail work if compensation is not given.