Madurai Railway Station to have three-storey two-wheeler Parking lot soon

Madurai (MDU): The Madurai Railway Station western entrance will soon have a newly-built, three-storey two-wheeler parking building, which is to be opened shortly.

The building, which is being built at a total cost of Rs 60 lakh, is expected to ease the congestion at the western entrance of the station.

According to Southern Railway sources, the western entrance receives nearly 400 bikes a day but now has a capacity of up to 150 bikes. So the administration planned to build the parking lot, The civil work of the building was completed two weeks ago, the sources said.

Each floor has 4100 sq feet space and can accommodate 400 bikes a day hence the entire building has a parking capacity of 1200 bikes a day.

The officials said that the facility would help to create a 2000 square feet space for car parking at the station.

A senior Madurai Railway Division official said, “Parking charges will remain at Rs 5 for 12 hours. After opening the two-wheeler parking, we will use the existing 2000 sq feet two-wheeler parking bay for car parking.”