MahaGenco gets Nod to pick up 26% Equity in SPV floated by Chhattsigarh Govt, Indian Railways & SECL for 277 km Rail Line

Katghora-Dongargarh new Railway line to ease Coal worries of MahaGenco

NAGPUR: MahaGenco gets nod to pick up 26 per cent equity in special purpose vehicle floated by Chhattsigarh Government, Indian Railway and SECL for the 277 km rail route. The new line is meant to bring coal from Gare Palma sector-2 mine to State’s thermal power plants.

Maharashtra Government has agreed to bear cost for laying a new railway line between Katghora to Dongargarh in neighbouring Chhattisgarh State to bring coal for its thermal power projects. The Central Government has allocated Gare Palma Sector-2 mine to Maharashtra for providing coal to Koradi, Khaparkheda, Chandrapur and Parali Thermal Power Plants.

Already Chhattisgarh Government has formed a Joint Venture with Indian Railways and MahaGenco to build the 277 km rail route that would benefit both the States. Maharashtra Government has to pay just Rs. 96 lakhs to which the cabinet granted its approval.

Right now coal shortage is looming large on thermal power plants and Maharashtra is leading generator thermal power. Maximum coal and that too quality one is available in mines of South Eastern Coalfields Limited (SECL) but absence of rail connectivity hampers its evacuation.

The total cost of new 277 km rail route is pegged at Rs. 4820 crore of which 26 per cent share is of MahaGenco. Chattisgarh Rail Corporation and SECL are equal partners for the rail project and cabinet also approved MahaGenco’s proposal to purchase the equity.

MahaGenco established thermal power is 10,380 MW and it requires 23.6 million tonnes per annum to keep the plants running.

At present two units at Chandrapur, no. 8 and 9, three at Koradi- 8, 9 and 10, one at Parali-no. 8 have been given link of Gare Palma sector 2. Central Government provided approval to this coal mine on March 24, 2015. It is estimated that coal from this mine would last for next 30-years. Earlier it was decided to bring this coal from Jharsugda-Rajnandgaon rail link but that route is already over burdened and putting additional coal rakes would have stalled movement of rails. Hence looking into future prospects and to ensure faster movement of coal rakes and hence all the stake holders deliberated and decided to lay the new rail route.