Maharashtra wants 3 surveys before signing elevated metro deal

virarIn a meeting with the railways and the planning commission over the Churchgate-Virar elevated corridor, the state government assured that the project will not be real estate driven and FSI for construction along the line will be granted keeping the congestion of the areas in mind. The state also refused to speed up the project in the absence of feasibility studies for rehabilitation of affected people and determining the exact location of the utilities which will have to be shifted during construction.

The railways and the planning commission had expressed displeasure over the delay by the state government in signing the state support agreement (SSA) for the project. The railways also wanted to hasten the process of shifting the utilities and complete it in six months.













As per sources, the state has put forward an option of the utilities being shifted by the developers of the corridor after the survey, refusing to act hastily as it would later lead to damage claims by the stakeholders.

Chief secretary Jayant Banthia said the government would consider various aspects while allotting the FSI. “It would be checked if the FSI for a particular location is viable taking the traffic dispersal plan into consideration. We have learnt from our experiences in constructing the mono and metro rails in the city,” he said.

“Locations with proper infrastructure can be allotted higher FSI, while the highly congested areas won’t be granted the same amount. However, the feasibility of the project will also be considered while allotting the FSI.”

Thereafter, it was decided that 2 committees for surveys would be made. While one will check viability of FSI allotment, the others will study rehabilitation and shifting of utilities. The panels will include officials from the civic body, the collector’s office and the railways.