Makeover of Maduadih station on cards

VARANASI: The Maduadih railway station of North Eastern Railways (NER) may get upgraded soon. The NER has chalked out development plan for the station, which is in B category in terms of income generation.

The plan includes construction of 120-metre track for accident relief vehicle and medical relief vehicle in the station. There are also plans for construction of one 550-metre long island platform. One platform of the same length exits. The platform would have passenger shelter and the foot overbridge. The construction of washable aprons, which are at present lying beneath the railway track at platform number 3 will also be taken to platform number 1 and 2 in this financial year.

The NER had also planned extension of clear standing length for line number 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 from 620 metres to 715 metres and the line number 5, 6, 7 and 8 will be converted from non-running to running lines.

The water is supplied to the station through three deep tubewells and storage tanks of 8,63,400 litres capacity. There are plans for the construction of 50,000 gallon capacity RCC overhead tank in future. At present the washable aprons are being laid.

Passengers amenities are absent at the station. The construction of washable apron is troubling passengers on platform number three, unavailability of cold drinking water is another problem being faced by passengers. “The tap water is warm and unconsumable in this scorching heat. Buying a mineral water bottle is out of my budget,” said Dina, a native of Azamgarh. There is no plan to install taps and water coolers at the station.

A vendor said that the taps remain dry in the afternoon. In the evening, the water flows properly but it is very warm to use and contaminated. Passengers are forced to use it as there is no alternative arrangement. Some taps not functioning properly at platform number two and three.