Manish Tewari writes to Rail minister for completion of foot-bridge at Ludhiana railway station

LUDHIANA: The Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting Mr.Manish Tiwari has written to the Railway Minister Mr.Malikarjun Kharge seeking his personal intervention about the completion of the foot-bridge at the Ludhiana railway station.

In his letter Tewari wrote to Kharge that the work had been started on the foot-bridge at his initiative a few years ago. However, midway the railways stopped the work for unexplained reasons.

Seeking enquiry into the abandoning of work on the foot-bridge, he said, “the matter may kindly be got enquired as why the foot over bride had to be abandoned and how much money was spent on it before being abandoned”. He asked as why was the project cancelled and whether any penalty has been fixed and what action had been taken in this regard.

Emphasizing the need for early completion of the foot-bridge, Tewari pointed out, “Ludhiana is one of the important cities in Punjab with a lot of railway traffic”. The new foot-bridge is urgently needed as the existing one is quite narrow, he added.

The work of the foot over-bridge has been hanging fire for a past long time and this bridge could provide a lot of relief to the residents who have to manage through the narrow bridge that exists presently.